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What Benefit Does Discount Movers provideWhat Benefit Does Discount Movers provide

Buzzmoving.com assists customers in saving money. Because of our good word-of-mouth moving volume in San Diego and the benefits we give to our movers, Movers can keep our prices low. We get a lot of our sales from repeat customers and referrals, and since we have low marketing costs, we can pass those savings on to our customers.

Second, we incentivize our licensed and insured San Diego movers to be fast, reliable, and damage-free. When you pay by the hour, you save a lot of money. Traditionally, the longer a local mover stays at a person’s house, the more money they make. Our movers work two moves a day with us and earn more money if they are fast and successful.

Every day, we hear that our movers completed a transfer in half the time their previous moving company took.

Pricing is as follows:

When you book your transfer, you’ll be given an hourly rate based on how many movers are suggested. This estimation of how long it will take, depending on the inventory you have over the phone. We’ll ask some  questions to help us figure out the truck’s size (no extra charges), the number of movers needed, and the approximate time frame. For our estimation to be correct, you must be precise in your description of the items you want us to move.

Estimates over the phone and 15-minute incremental pricing:

All of Buzzmoving.com Movers’ moving estimates are provided over the internet, removing the need to factor in additional costs that are needed for in-person assessments. Our 25 years of long experience helped us in this process, where 99% of the time, our estimates results in being (equal to or less than) our initial telephone quote. If the transfer takes longer than our initial phone estimate, we provide a 15-minute incremental pricing service to ensure you don’t pay for more time than you need.

Every Move Comes with the Following Free Bonuses……..

• Skilled and Experienced Movers: Each mover has an average of 4-6 years of industry experience.

• A fully loaded truck with all the required moving supplies and equipment to safeguard your belongings.

• Moving services that are fast and productive To save you money.

-Since you pay by the hour, we incentivize our movers to be fast and effective while also taking good care of your belongings. Our reputation is that a quicker move saves you money.

• Over $75 worth of free-hanging clothes boxes to use on moving day.

• Cover and secure your belongings with heavy moving blankets and pads.

• Free shrink wrap protection to make sure your furniture is tip-top after we move.

• A fully equipped moving truck equip with dollies, straps, bungee cords, and protective padding.

• No additional cost if your move requires us to use one of our larger moving trucks

• Basic valuation insurance included with every move.

• If the moving time exceeds our phone estimate by 15 minutes, we will charge you an additional $15.

• Our customers have pre-approval for third-party moving insurance due to our excellent track record.

• Customer service experts who are experienced and professional are available by phone.